Beauty Review: HYDRATE-ME Wash and Rinse by KEVIN.MURPHY

Ladies – I’ve got to tell you something. I’m one of those bad salon clients who gets lectured every time she goes in for using “crappy drugstore brand products” in my hair. I’ve never been one to spend a large amount of money on hair products because I never found anything I really found made a huge difference. A hair mask was the last thing I really “splurged” on and was addicted instantly but overused it, so I always refrained from spending a lot on shampoo and conditioner because I go through them very quickly.

But, I digress. I finally bit the bullet and tried a new wash and rinse from after a recommendation from my stylist Bailey. Enter: KEVIN.MURPHY’s HYDRATE.ME-WASH and RINSE – a product from heaven.

Benefits: This wash and rise is a godsend for dry and damaged hair – it’s super smoothing and hydrating for hair that needs a little TLC because it’s either naturally dry or thanks to the climate. It’s packed with antioxidants to give you a healthy glow and to stop from losing moisture.

Texture: I’m a girl that feels like her hair isn’t getting cleaned if it’s not full of suds and this product doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to the tip from my trusty stylist Bailey at Ritual here in Toronto (hey girl, heyyyy), I made sure my hair was super wet before I put a loonie size amount of wash in it and it before I knew it, my head was covered in a thick, rich lather. The product itself is pretty thick (the rise more-so than the wash, as per usual) so it does need a lot of water to work it through. I have pretty thick hair that falls just below my shoulders and I’m good with two quarter size amounts of wash (I like to wash twice, so I use it sparingly) and a loonie size of rinse (also, tip – once I put the rise in I let it sit for at least 3-5 minutes before I rinse it out).

Smell: It’s hard to describe what it smells like – it has plum, citrus, and floral scents and but it’s pretty standard to all KEVIN.MURPHY products. Because everyone has their own preference, I’d obviously recommend taking a sniff before you make the purchase.

Price: Each bottle is 250mL and I picked it up at my local salon for $27.50 a pop. Pretty pricy for wash and rinse product, but based on how little I have to use each time I shower, how my hair feels after I’m done using it, and the benefits of hydration for my already thirsty locks, I’m okay shelling out the cash. I expect to be using the same bottles for the next few months, so longterm I think it’s worth the investment.

Packaging: All of KEVIN.MURPHY’s products have similar, minimal packaging. I have to say, I like it.

Verdict: If you have extremely dry hair or use a lot of hot, styling tools on it, I highly recommend using this. This product has saved my hair and makes it feel silky smooth and soft even days after washing it. If you have a local salon that uses KEVIN.MURPHY products, see if they use it on their back bar so you can give it a test run. I did at my salon (Ritual in Toronto) a few times before I bought it, just to make sure I really liked it (as well – the salon, West Salon and Spa, I bought it at said that if I wasn’t happy I could always return it – bonus – but there’s no way this baby is going back).

Let me know if you try it – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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