Beauty Comparison: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D vs. Creamy Matte Lip Paint by Tartiest

Look, I get it – I’m late to the whole ‘Kat Von D Makeup’ party. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not having a good time! I also must confess that I have this terrible habit of perpetually purchasing ‘nude’ or ‘nude pink’ lipsticks in various brands and formulas that all seem to be roughly the same colour. I can’t help it, and I’m sorry I’m not sorry. So before joining on the Kat Von D bandwagon, I sang praises hardcore to Tartiest’s Creamy Matte Lip PaintI tried a lot of matte lipsticks, in liquid and your typical pencil or solid stick, ranging from Marc Jacobs, to Bite, to Nude Stix … the list goes on, and on, and on .. (as does my Sephora receipt). I thought when I found Tartiest, my search was over for the perfect matte lipstick. The formula, colour, packaging, even the smell – I was all about it.

But obviously, based on the title of this blog, I eventually ventured out and tried something else. Enter: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I’m going to compare the two for different categories, since it’s hard for me to pick an overall favourite, and highly recommend you try it for yourself (if you haven’t already and are slow to the game like I am).

KVD: I personally hate all KVD packaging. The terrible print on the outside of every container makes me almost not want to buy it. It’s a shame the product is too damn good. But seriously, the KVD comes in a thin, tall tube with her signature print on the outside – nothing too spectacular. I’m all about how something is displayed though, and the print is a major downside for me. Hence why it hides in my purse all day.

Tartiest: Shorter, ‘stumpier’ packaging compared to KVD but the outside of the container looks a bit less ‘gaudy’, which I much prefer. The only downside, and you’ll notice this with the testers at Sephora, is that the lipstick tends to build up around the top of the container and get messy as you use it over time. Mine hasn’t gotten like this, as I’m careful not to get extra formula around the edges, but I can see it happening if you’re not expecting it.

Winner: Tartiest

Colour Selection:
KVD: Currently there are 28 different colours to chose from, ranging from pale nudes, to deep purples, to even black.

Tartiest: There are 25 colours, including a line of five dedicated exclusively to ‘naughty nudes’. In the traditional range, the colours vary from pink nudes, to reds, purples and maroon’s. No daring colours here.

Note: With Tartiest, I love the colour ‘TBT’ and KVD’s infamous ‘Lolita’ is a great copy cat of that. I also just purchased ‘Double Dare’ by KVD, which is a brighter pink. Also, apparently Bow N’ Arrow by KVD is a pretty close dupe to Kylie Jenner’s lip kit colour.

Winner: Tartiest (I find the choices to be more ‘wearable’ colours)

Price Point:
KVD: $24 (CAD) for 0.22 oz.

Tartiest: $22 (CAD) for 0.20 oz.

Winner: It’s really hard to compare price, as they’re essentially the same ($2 more for .2 oz more seems like a moot point to me)

KVD: Your typical liquid matte lipstick – the sponge brush applies a smooth lipstick that goes on wet and dries to the perfect matte. There’s very little smell, but what I am exposed to reminds me of a dull paint – probably not the most ideal, but it goes away once it dries. The formula is thicker than Tartiest, which I personally don’t like.

Tartiest: Same sponge brush applicator as KVD, just a slightly fatter sponge tip. I would describe it as a soft, airy mousse formula that I would die for. It feels light as air when you put it on. Heavenly.

Winner: Tartiest 

KVD: For trying time, I find it is extremely fast. Once I apply it, it’s only a few seconds (10-15) before I see it noticeably drier. If I were to sip my Starbucks after 30 seconds, I wouldn’t see any transfer to the cup. I don’t find it dries out my lips at all, even while I wear it all day sans lip primer (one of the main things I look for in a matte. In all honestly, wearability is where KVD wins time and time again – it stays like no liquid I’ve ever tried and makes it through the kiss on the cheek test, which my boyfriend appreciates. I will also add that I put it on when I get to work around 9am and when I head out at 5pm it shows little signs of wear or transfer and I identify don’t even need to touch it up before I head out for the evening.

Tartiest: The drying time on Tartiest is a bit more than KVD – I find that once I apply, I need a good 5-10 minutes before it stops transferring hard core to a cup or napkin. Throughout the day I also notice that it transfers more easily (read: when I kiss my boyfriend, he’s concerned he’s now wearing lipstick). It’s not drying in the slightest. By 5 o’clock it’s barely there and I’m ready for a touch up. On the bright side it does last through lunch!

Winner: KVD



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