Moving 101

Guys – I don’t like to brag but I’m kind of a pro when it comes to moving. In the past eight years, I’ve moved eight times. I’ve rarely settled into a place for more than a year. Thanks to university housing, floating at my parents in between getting my own condo and then a couple more moves after that, I’ve seen my fair share of moving boxes and trucks. It’s been quite a busy couple of years but after the last move that J and I did last week, I hope that we stay here for at least a little while (dear lord, I don’t want to see another Frog Box for a loooong time).

With much experience comes a lot of knowledge, so I thought I’d share four quick tips for making your next move easier.

  1. Use labels: I know it seems like a hassle to label every box, but you’ll regret it later if you don’t! I’m really specific when I label boxes (i.e: clothes for the closet vs. folded clothes) and also specify the room if I have to. If you’re moving a full house, it’s also helpful to use coloured labels and put corresponding colours on each room (that way, the people helping know the pink boxes go in the pink room – since no one will know what room is what)
  2. Be organized: While it’s tempting (and quick) to throw things in boxes without really thinking about it, it’s a lot harder to find things mid-move or unpack. I can’t tell you how many times (leading up to and the day of the move) I heard J ask “do you know where ___ is?”. Luckily, I was super organized with what items went with what and where, so I always knew where things were. This was especially helpful the day of the move when we had 25 boxes and just wanted soap and shampoo to shower.
  3. Use saran wrap vs. tape: This one sounds weird, but packing tape can ruin furniture but saran wrap has the stick without the mess afterward. I use saran wrap to hold and wrap things together or even hold dresser drawers from opening during the moving process. If you take your dresser drawers out to move your dresser but don’t want to unpack the stuff, just wrap the drawers in saran wrap so the goods don’t fall out and there ya’ go – a short cut!
  4. Invest in Frog Boxes: No, this isn’t a sponsored post – I just love Frog Boxes so much!! They’re hard plastic moving and storage containers with flap-shut lids that you can rent from a company called Frog Box. They make packing and moving a breeze. When I first used them I was living by myself without a car and getting boxes big and strong enough was really, really difficult. My free hack is to use banana boxes (or apple boxes if they don’t have banana) to move with, but it was hard to get enough of them. I had heard of Frog Boxes from a friend and looked into it. It was cost friendly (coming from someone who was moving to save money!) and I could rent them in bulk quantities for however long I needed them for. They deliver them to your place and pick them up at your new home (read: no lugging boxes down to the dumpster!!). You can also get packing supplies like bubble wrap, wrapping paper, dolly (also a must), furniture bags, and a lot more. The cost + simplicity + customer service made using them an easy decision. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things and I know that if you use them for your move, you won’t regret it.
  5. Keep the hangers: I never take my clothes off of the hangers (because I’m lazy and it takes up so much space to fold clothes). So, the easiest way to move hanging clothes is to just use a big garbage bag and hang it upsidedown over the clothes like a big garment bag. Then tie the bottom off so the clothes don’t get dirty! You can usually get at least ten hangers in the bag, depending on what’s on them.

Hopefully, these help and #HappyMove!

PS: I have a coupon for Frog Boxes, so send me a message if you end up using them and I’ll share!

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