Beauty Review: ‘Blousey’ Shampoo by LUSH

Guys, I’m on a major LUSH kick right now. I’ve tried their bar shampoo, multiple face masks, face scrubs, and creams. I’ve reviewed or will review a ton on the blog, but my favourite LUSH product hands down is their ‘Blousey’ shampoo. This shampoo is described as being best for “damaged, overprocessed, coloured, bleached, and fragile hair”. They might as well have written, “for Nicole’s hair”. This shampoo is super gentle, non-stripping and locks in moisture with mashed bananas, cocoa, and cupuacu butters. My hair is seriously damaged. I colour it, dry it, straighten it, curl it, everything and anything that’s bad for your hair, I do it. Let me tell you, this shampoo is a life saver.

It smells a bit like shampoo and banana bread, but in a really good way. I’ve got no complaints about the smell on this guy.

Texture + Formula
It’s a bit thick, which is why they sell it in a pot (which I hate) but is still thin enough to pour out of a shampoo bottle (that’s what I do). I’ve gotten into the habit of reusing an old empty bottle for my Blousey because I found it’s easier to portion out when it’s in a squeeze bottle vs. scooping it from the pot. I have mentioned previously that I love a good lather with my shampoo and I found this one doesn’t lather as much as I would like. However, I found it works best to soak your hair, evenly distribute the shampoo, then soak and massage again.

I would say that some people might find it a bit pricey for shampoo – a 240g pot will run you $28.95 (however I swore by Kevin Murphy, which is equally as ‘expensive’ and I’m a huge advocate of paying more for better quality). On the plus side, it lasts a long time. I wash my hair almost every day thanks to that #GymLife and one jar lasted me over a month. I only use about a toonie sized amount.

I’ve tried a handful of “repairing” and “moisturizing” shampoos, from drugstore brands like Pantene to hair masks to salon quality products and this is by far the best one for my hair. It’s gentle enough for colour treated hair but strong enough to make my fried locks buttery soft. Trust me, ladies, you’ll want to take this one for a test run!

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