Book Review – ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ by S.J. Watson

Another day, another blog post about books. Honestly, I could probably write a blog post every week about a book I’ve read but I try to keep it to the books that stick out to me or that I’ve really enjoyed. When you read a lot of books consecutively it’s hard to keep them all separate at times. S.J. Watson’s ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ has been on my to-read list for a while now but there were always other books I wanted to read more. So, after reading the book and then watching the movie – I have to say, as always, I liked the book a lot more. ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ follows the story of Christine, who wakes up every day following a traumatic accident, not remembering who she is, where she is, or what is going on in her life. The book goes through her journey of regaining her memory and who she can trust. I really liked this because it was consistently told from Christine’s viewpoint (it didn’t jump around to other characters) so it was easy to follow. I found it a bit repetitive at first, going over the same bits of information over and over, but I think it was written that way to help the reader to understand what Christine was going through. The twist was slightly unexpected, but I liked her discovery through the novel and how everything wrapped up. If you want to see the movie, I recommend the book first – it paints a better picture of the characters and building up to the different events (as is usually the case).

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