#EveryoneIsGettingMarried #INeedAGift

#WeddingSeason, a season we love and hate all at the same time. We’re pretty lucky this year that we only have three weddings to go to (and unfortunately a fourth we can’t make due to other commitments), but I have seen some people who have upwards of eight or nine this year alone. With that many weddings and an increasing number of people opting out of creating a registry, it can be hard to think of creative wedding gifts that involve more than an envelope stuffed with cash.

I’ve noticed a trend in couples not wanting to do the traditional gift registry that was so common say, ten or so years ago. Most couples hope for cash or sometimes register for their honeymoon and guests can donate to that instead, but there’s always the ‘old-school’ guests who want to give a gift and I get it; it seems more sentimental. If you’ve got a wedding and didn’t want to go the cash gift route, I’ve round up a few ideas for you.


My cousin recently got married and had mentioned wanting to learn how to garden + cook. If your bride + groom are like this, I suggest getting them lessons for something they’re interested in. There are lots of couple cooking classes (ranging in price, but can be upwards to about $80 per person, per lesson) available in the GTA for people who want to learn how to cook. Think about what their hobbies are and go from there. Honestly, I’d love someone to gift me some scuba lessons (would be great to prepare for a tropical honeymoon, too!)

Themed Gift Baskets

It’s hard when there’s no registry but there are things people could always use around the house. Because my cousin wanted to cook, I put together a cooking related gift basket – my favorite cookbook, a gluten free cookbook, cooking utensils, an apron, etc.

A Year of Dates

A co-worker suggested this one and I loved it. It can get really pricey, so if you have a group of friends needing a gift, this is a great option. You give 12 dates so the couple has a different date every year for a month. Some of what we included when we gave this to our co-worker last year was movie passes, ferry tickets to Toronto Island, cooking classes, paint nights, gift cards to restaurants, etc. You can tailor this to what the couple enjoys doing and they don’t all have to be expensive! The more creative, the better

Monthly Clubs

There are so many subscription programs out there that can act as a great gift – wine of the month, cheese of the month, chocolate of the month – sign them up and they’ll get something from you every month for a year!

Hopefully, this helps if you’re looking for something creative! I know it’s hard but ultimately, you want to gift the couple what will be useful and most appreciated by them.


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