Facial Favourites

I am one of those people who have combination skin on my face and I’m not really sure if that’s a blessing or a curse! My skin gets really dry in patches (especially during the winter) around my chin, nose, and forehead but then my t-zone can get really oily during the day and I can break out with pimples if I’m not careful. I don’t have a specific skincare regimen but I do have some skincare favourites for my face that I’ve found really helpful in different situations, depending on what I’m experiencing. This is really a mish-mash of products, so I hope you find one that works for you!

Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser
Best For: Daily cleansing

I recently got eyelash extensions again (LOL if you’ve read my post from last summer about why I wouldn’t get them ever again) but I’m enjoying them a lot more this time! I’ve been taking better care of them and am more knowledgeable about how to make them last longer and so far, so good. I also tried out a new esthetician, which helped as well. OKAY. So, Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser is my ride or die when it comes to cleaning my face and lashes. This is a “do-it-all” cleanser that seems to work with any skin type, so, no discrimination here. It removes makeup and dirt and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. I love it because I use it to clean my eyes and ‘scrub’ my lashes. I also love the fresh cucumber scent. It doesn’t get really sudsy either, so it’s easy to wash off.

Foreo – LUNA
Best For: Deep, gentle cleansing

The hype on this LUNA is well worth it! I ended up buying this over the Clarisonic for a few reasons, but mainly I liked how small and portable it was and I liked that there were no brushes or pads to be replaced. I have the LUNA Mini and it has a few different speed options and two different scrubber bristles (on the front and back). I find it really does give me that deep clean and when I pair it with the Fresh cleanser or Philosophy’s Purity, I am able to really scrub my skin without it feeling raw and I also find it helps clear up dry spots and breakouts when partnered with the right cleanser.

LUSH – Oatifix
Best For: Softening skin

Every few days I like to treat my skin with a fresh face mask and lately I’ve been loving the ones from LUSH (of course). Oatifix does a great job when my skin is extra dry or irritated and helps fluff away the dead skin. It has banana, almonds, and oats to help scrub in the most gentle way possible and is finished off with vanilla so it legit smells like cookies (YUMMY).

LUSH – The Sacred Truth
Best For: Brightening up your skin

*praise hands emoji* for this bad boy. FOR REAL. This mask makes my dry and dull skin feel bright and soft! It has papaya to help with the dryness and wheatgrass to give a nutritious boost. There’s also yogurt, primrose oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and shea butter to help hydrate. This stuff is AMAZING. Go get it now – your skin will thank you later.

LUSH – Dream Cream
Best For: Hydrating your sensitive skin

I always finish off any skincare routine with LUSH’s Dream Cream (post shower, face wash, hand wash … anything)! It says it right in the name – it’s dreamy. It has oat milk, lavender, and chamomile and works to soothe sensitive skin. It is super effective at eliminating dry or chapped skin, even if your sensitive (I have eczema and I never have issues).

Tarte – Frxxxtion Stick 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser
Best For: Exfoliating

This guy is small and mighty. It’s in a twist stick format so it’s easy to apply and use. It’s got charcoal in it (hi, all the rage right now!) and gritty pieces that feel like sand to help you eexfoliate You just rub it on your skin right from the stick and then scrub with your fingers and rinse away. This will leave your skin (almost literally) squeaky clean and shiny (in a good way – you just buffed away all your dead skin cells!). I picked this up in a travel pack with a mini scrub brush and 2nd cleanser and loved the combo of the three!

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