A Balcony Oasis

J and I moved into our condo this past January and I couldn’t wait to spruce up the balcony. As soon as the weather was warm enough, I started planning how I was going to make our little 4’ x 10’ balcony a little oasis. Just because you live in a condo doesn’t mean that you can’t make those tiny balconies a miniature paradise. Keep reading for some tips to spruce up and maximize your outdoor space.

Light It Up
I want to say this is my favourite addition to our balcony, but I’m not sure that would be honest (since I love it all) but adding white lights makes a huge difference. They bring a great ambiance to the balcony and brighten it up more than you would think! I bought these lights from Ikea + strung them up with these nearly invisible command hooks (just make sure you get the all-weather or outdoor ones).

A Colourful Rug
Rugs aren’t just meant for indoors, guys. It’s so simple but I love these cotton rag rugs – they’re colourful, comfy for my feet, and each one is different! I tucked the rug under the chairs so that we can take our shoes off while we’re out there.

Compact (but comfortable) Furniture
Because there isn’t a lot of room on most condo balconies, the trick is to find compact and comfortable furniture. I snagged these wooden reclining chairs from IKEA and they are amazing. They’re really durable (stand up to being out in the rain all season and barely look dirty or worn!) and with the addition of these outdoor cushions (which are equally as durable to the elements), it is the perfect seat to relax + soak up the sun in.

We’re constantly burning candles in our house and being out on the balcony is no different. Although it doesn’t get super buggy out on our balcony yet (well, not yet anyways) citronella candles give off a nice lemony smell and keep the mosquitos away – double bonus. I love a good candle.

Tree Stump Table
Okay, I lied – this is my most prized balcony possession. I desperately wanted a tree stump tables for a long, long time and could never bite the bullet and spend $200 + dollars to buy one. Luckily, my dad had a friend who was cutting down some trees and saved me a stump to use as a side table, which saved me big bucks. The stump is rustic and a great side table between the stools.

Plants, Plants, Plants!
I have a mild obsession with plants. I can’t stop buying them and they’re making our balcony a little jungle oasis. My amazing dad built a tiered plant stand, which I stained to match our furniture, and it holds a ton of plants. I mix it up by using different potters of shapes and sizes and use a wide variety of plants. Some of my favourite additions have been our fig tree (I’ve never had a fig but can’t wait to try a homegrown one) and our mini orange tree. We’re also growing cherry tomatoes, which are like my little babies since I grew them from seeds. Plants bring life to the balcony and tie the whole oasis together. I get my plants from Crown Flora, Dynasty, and the little ‘bodegas’ in my neighbourhood.

Putting a little time and energy into your balcony can make it so enjoyable – I guarantee we wouldn’t ever want to be out there if we just had a couple of cheap plastic lawn chairs!

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