Super Bowl Bingo

The Super Bowl is usually a big day in our house (although we had a conversation the other week that the NFC and AFC finals are actually way more exciting) where we cook lots of delicious food (nachos, ribs, wings, you name it) and settle in for the big game. It’s a bittersweet day because it means football is done for the season, but it’s a great way to end off the year.

A few years back, J and I started making friendly wagers during the game and betting chores neither of us wanted to do. Last year, I lost my first half props bet and had to clean the litter box for a month (the worst).

This year, I thought we could do something a bit different and a bit more involved! Enter: Super Bowl Bingo. Just like regular Bingo, but instead of numbers, it’s different things you’re looking out for during the game.

You can download a Super Bowl Bingo template here (I think it’s more fun since they’re in New England and Philadelphia colours, but that’s just me). Here are a few ideas to fill in the squares:

  • Touchdown is scored
  • You see a Doritos commercial
  • Praying football player
  • First down is achieved
  • Celebrity showed in the crowd
  • Baby dressed in NFL gear
  • Personal Foul
  • Epic touchdown dance

Keep them fun and not all football game related and that way you’ll be sure to keep everyone involved, not just the football fans!

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