30 Day Nutrition Reset

Ah, the post new years ‘cleanse’ – such a trendy thing to do, #NewYearNewMe. You can’t see it, but I’m rolling my eyes. Often, cleanses or fad diets are associated with quick and easy weight loss and are not usually meant for long-term solutions and are usually the worst when you realize what you actually have to do (I don’t know any adult who can live off of tea or juice and not bite their coworkers heads off in a hangry mess).

That, being said, I am going to commit to doing a ’30 Day Nutrition Reset’ – yes, there are some ‘cleansing’ elements in this but I’m not living off of just juice or tea, and I’m not doing this to lose weight.

Why am I doing this? Over the past few weeks, I haven’t had the best appetite and when I do eat, I get too full too fast where to the point where I am extremely bloated and it’s super uncomfortable. Then I don’t eat full meals, I’m not getting enough nutrients, etc. and it’s just a bad cycle.

What are the details? I started out wanting to do an elimination diet, which J tried after consulting with a naturopath and it was actually life-changing. I spoke to a naturopath as well myself who recommended doing an elimination diet (which means cutting out the foods that are commonly associated with allergies – which can result in you feeling sluggish, bloated, etc.) By eliminating certain foods that you’re allergic too it can not only help you feel better digestively but has been said to help and cure or improve other issues like eczema and asthma (which I have).

I’m adding in Arbonne Essentials ’30 Days to Healthy Living’ program, which includes protein shakes, fiber booster, a 7 day cleanse solution that helps flush toxins from the body, energy fizz sticks to help with vitamins, probiotics, and a tea to help your liver and kidneys.

What won’t I be eating? For 30 days I’m cutting out: gluten (sad face), dairy, soy, alcohol and caffeine (which I don’t drink anyway, so that was easy) and red meat. I’m also going to cut out sugar as much as possible (I’m a huge candy fiend) but because some of the supplements I use have sugar in them, I can’t cut it out completely. I’ll let you know how this goes – I’m going to try and monitor my sugar intake during the time.

I’m going to keep you updated once a week about how it’s going, if I’ve had any slip-ups, how my energy levels have been (something I’m concerned about since I go to the gym at 6 times a week) and more importantly, fun recipes I’ve been using to keep myself motivated. Anyone want to join me? I’m starting on Monday, February 5th and would love to have some company.

PSA: If you’re concerned about your nutrition, talk to someone about it! There are lots of great nutritionists, naturopaths, and doctors out there to help you out before you dive into anything like this. 

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