No Ouai!

Ouai is my new found hair love – the things the products do to my hair is just magical and I never thought a product this good existed for my crazy mane.

I’ve written previously about my hair and how difficult impossible it can be and believe me, I feel like I’ve tried everything – I’ve done keratin treatments, straightening treatments, every shampoo and serum out there from the drug store to the salon and nothing seems to work really well.

Enter Ouai. I picked up their Smooth Spray on a whim one day at Sephora because I’d previously been impressed with their Dry Shampoo Foam (which I’ll talk about in a second). I had been using Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry, which has been fine but not great. Ouai’s Smooth Spray gets spritzed over towel dried hair and after my hair has been dried, it is so smooth and soft. I suffer from stupid frizzies and fly aways on top of my head and little baby bangs around my face and they’re taken care of with the Smooth Spray. My hair feels silky and soft (even feels better than after my $200+ keratin treatment) and I’ve never been happier with a product.

Their Dry Shampoo Foam is great for second day hair or even post gym hair. It goes on as a foam but doesn’t make your hair damp and acts as a dry shampoo.

And lastly, the Texturizing Hair Spray – it’s described as being a product to build volume and add texture, and even though my hair is already pretty thick, I don’t find it takes it over the top. I love it for the texture aspect that helps me with my daily waves.

I highly recommend these three products. Have you guys tried anything else buy Ouai?

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