Meet Me

Welcome to Prins Charming – I’m happy you’ve stopped by. My name’s Nicole (but my friends and family call me ‘Nikki’). I’m the woman behind “Prins Charming” (fun fact: this blog was named given by a friend in university and it’s a play off of my last name). I was never athletic growing up but now I love to play football and it brings out my competitive side. I live in Toronto, Ontario with my partner J and our two ginger cats who I’m sure will make frequent appearances on the site. If I could, I would quit my regular job and open up a bakery – I could probably just sell one cheesecake and still be profitable (I’m pretty confident in my cheesecake abilities).

I’m passionate about planning for the future and being smart with your finances – especially after taking the hard route myself.

I’m open, honest, and transparent. I’ll try to keep these posts short and sweet but full of things you all want to read. Come along for the ride, I promise it’ll be interesting!